Deliberate Leadership and Accountability: Are we as Executive Search consultants able to identify these key resources?

Thu Jan 14 13:38:00 2016

There are enough managers who lead by “Leading money with money” they are managers but they are not leaders. Today’s world is built on knowledge and competence. No one manages only with your own skills and experience. You live or die having an organization that learns every day, having people who understand that being a leader is not a title or a position, it’s a choice.

Deliberate Leadership – make followers into leaders

Deliberate leadership is about being self-aware enough that you can be purposefully wise, intentional with competence and humble, embracing the values and behaviors of accountability, reliability, and responsibility. Deliberate Leaders encourage others to courageously take the initiative to be independent in their reasoning and in doing so, transfer ownership and responsibility to others. It means delegating and when having delegated it means further delegating not to where the authority is but where the knowledge and experience is. Deliberate Leaders are teachers, mentors, coaches, and role models – they accomplish the majority of their results through the power of influence, not authority.

Credibility is at the heart of influence

Credibility is at the heart of influence. Before you can build trust and influence as a deliberate leader, you must understand who you are, your own strengths and weaknesses, what you need to change, and how to go about it. If we are not self-aware about our own preference, gifts, talents and tendencies, it is impossible for us to act trustworthy, and influence deliberately. This means by having a realistic understanding of our life and Leadership, our strengths and weaknesses means a deliberate self-confidence. Do I dare to be myself as a leader A leader whose behavior is consistent. A Deliberate leader who educates and makes followers throughout the whole organization into successful Leaders- people who want to Influence and take responsibility.

Having during my 40 years career thoroughly analyzed many of my colleagues in the Executive Search field using different assessment methods my question is to many of us. Do we really represent the values of above thoughts of Deliberate Leadership and do we really work hard to find these type of Leaders? We could all ask ourselves: What type of leadership style did I represent during my business career? My results show in many cases a style of strongly money driven management style that has nothing to do with deliberate Leadership. There is always room for development.

Marcus Herold, the founder, CEO and chairman of the board of MPS Enterprises and a certified Business Coach. He has been actively developing the company for 40 years, concentrating on Leadership Challenges, Executive Recruitments, Management Audits, Executive Coaching services as well as Board and Management Team Development.