Executive Search

When we start a recruitment process, the immediate first thing is for MPS to familiarize ourselves with the client’s values, vision, strategy, organisation, goals and modes of conduct. We find out what is expected from the person to be searched and the key success factors for performing well in the position.

Making sure of best fit to the team / culture

The best practise is to carry out a team analysis, where the MPS consultant interviews various individuals (both the superior and colleagues) with their views of the position itself as well as key success factors in order to succeed. If possible, the persons taking part of the team analysis also fill in a brief person assessment, which describes how these persons behave in their work situations and which will be of tremendous help in the end when evaluating the finalists and their suitability to the position/existing team/company culture etc.

Finding the most suitable person for the client’s needs – wherever, whenever

MPS Russia locates the possible candidates by using various search channels and methods. This can happen either through a search process or an advertised recruitment, or possibly also a combination of them both. We tailor the search and selection process to reflect on our client’s individual needs. MPS Russia has a very clear and straight off-limit policy towards those partners with whom we collaborate on a continuous basis. We have high ethics and moral in everything we engage ourselves with.

Not just locating the candidates

It is in the interest of all parties that the individual will succeed in and enjoy the new work environment and assignment as much as possible. The recruiting organisation and its manager often need external support in the decision-making process, but also in training, motivation and guiding of the selected person. An objective person assessment by an external professional can also support the evaluation of knowledge-base and development needs within the recruiting organisation, personnel planning, career planning and career coaching in different development and change situations of the organisation.

The Process does not end with the recruitment decision

A comprehensive recruitment process does not end with the recruitment decision, but also includes on-board coaching for the selected person. The target of the on-board coaching is to support one’s professional growth, to speed up the drive-in phase and to process the actual questions and situations with the MPS coach. On-board coaching also provides a good start for the co-operation between the selected person and his/her superior.