Talent Assessment

How do you commit your personnel in an ever more challenging employment market? Competent people are aware of their market value and will start looking for a future in another organisation if faith in the employer has for some reason disappeared.

Profitability through individuals

Personal assessment is still a large part of our business, and we see the deep understanding of the person’s behaviour at work as a foundation for our strong knowledge-base. Through a long experience we are able to utilize this solid knowledge-base in all our processes related to leadership and personnel.

Toward strategic HR management

Top management is responsible for aligning Human Resource management with the company’s values and business strategy. Good HR management enables achieving the business targets. However, there are many organisations where business-oriented HR management is not yet a reality. Business-oriented personnel development requires new kind of competence and tools.

Success Factor: The Ability to Motivate

The motivation of the personnel – the will to do well – is one of the most central and meaningful success factors for organisations. We all are motivated by different issues: some may appreciate more the chance to develop than the salary and other benefits. Whatever the case, management and leadership are essential for committing the personnel. All superiors have the responsibility of communicating the culture, values and practises of the organisation to the personnel and also maintaining the ongoing – sometimes even critical – discourse with their teams. If this is handled properly, it will enable the individuals within the organisation to grasp and proactively take ownership of their own responsibilities. Our assessment methods ensure profitability for our clients.